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Infrared Receiver Module
Part Num.         Supply Voltage(V)   Supply Current Max.(mA)    

LBT-0038                 2.2~6.5              1.5

360-degree wide angle reception range , high immunity against ambient light.

LBT-0138                 4.0~6.5              1.5

Atml IC, strong ability of anti-interference.

LBT-0238                 2.0~6.5             0.6

low power consumption , just 0.3mA as on the condition of  3V voltage supply

LBT-0538                  2.0~6.5               1.5

applies to wide working voltage supply ,1ms data pause time codes are acceptable.

LBT-0638                  2.0~6.5                  1.5

more than 8ms data pulse time codes are acceptable .

LBT-0838                  2.4~6.5                   1.5

applies to  wide working voltage supply , long receiver distance.


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